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Claudette Seymour,Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey, 64,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, was fished out of a canal that runs through Lamaha Springs,http://www.footlockershop.us.com/Nike-roshe-one-br/,Claudette Seymour’s body being removed from the canalearly yesterday morning. Her son,cheap nfl jerseys china, Mark McLeod,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, who made the discovery,Wholesale Jerseys, said that Friday evening he took some meals for his mother who occupied a shack on a reserve near the canal but he did not find the woman.He returned yesterday morning to find her and again he did not see her. He said that he then saw her hat and a packet of cigarette on what used to be the floor of a now dead aunt’s home.Further examination caused him to see a trail leading to the weed-infested canal and it was only then he saw the body floating. He said that he recognized her from the clothes she was wearing the day before.The woman,cheap nfl jerseys, whom the neighbourhood knew as ’10 cents’ refused to live with her children or relatives. People said that she would he walking the streets in the community in an intoxicated state and would return home at nights.She lived with her son at one time but caused so much trouble that he was forced to let her go her way. She also lived with other relatives but always moved away “to have her own way.”McLeod said that he raised an alarm.Two young residents removed the body from the canal? for transportation to the Lyken Funeral Home.
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