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By Jarryl BryanThe Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) has issued an order banning all mining or excavations on river banks (buffer zones), without specific permission from the regulatory body.Operators have been put on notice.The order, which was issued by GGMC Commissioner (acting) Newell Dennison, yesterday, also made it clear that all “permission” previously granted to breach these river banks, under the premise of claims or mining permits or for prospecting,NFL Jerseys Supply, mining and quarrying operations are henceforth revoked.“Please be advised that mining of river banks (buffer zones) is against the law,Atlanta Falcons Jersey,” the order stated. “Any breach of river banks for access to claims or mining permits,WBC Jerseys 2017, or for prospecting,NFL Jerseys Outlet, mining and quarrying operations require specific permission from GGMC.”“As such, there should be no mining or excavation of the river banks without due consideration of or specific permission from GGMC.”It was explained in the notice that protocols relating to applications and how they are considered and granted are being reviewed due to policy directives from the Minister of Natural Resources,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Raphael Trotman.“Consequently, all “permissions” previously granted to breach river banks for access to claims or mining permits or for prospecting, mining and quarrying operations are rescinded with immediate effect until further notice.”A highly publicized case had been the dredge which operated off the river bank of Isseneru village, Region Eight,cheap nfl jerseys online, late last year. Village leaders had cried out because of damage wrought on the environment.The Tashao, Dhaneff Larson, had stated that the distance between the operation and the river bank, on which houses are located, was less than 100 metres. The village had also been complaining that its water and food supply, from the nearby river, was under threat.According to the Tashao, there was an urgent need for intervention as the dredge was a noise nuisance.Minister Trotman had subsequently issued a directive that the operations be halted, pending the completion of a fact finding mission.The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) had stated that the village and the miner had a previous arrangement where he was granted permission to operate the same river dredge on village lands (in the village buffer zone) in exchange for a 12% tribute.“This deal was negotiated and put in place by the village council which collected the tribute,” the association had stated. “The GGMC subsequently stopped this arrangement as it is illegal to mine in the buffer zone.The current/new arrangement for the tribute for the river dredge was an additional agreement based more on previous partnerships rather than in a legal right to demand tribute for lands which are not within the village’s title.”

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