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A man claiming to be a pastor attached to Revival Ministries,Austin Hooper Falcons Jersey UK, was yesterday placed on self bail by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson, at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.Ronald Hudson,Baltimore Orioles Adam Jones Jersey, 39,Chile Jersey, of Lot 156 Section A Block X Diamond, East Bank Demerara,Atlanta Falcons Jersey, pleaded not guilty to obtaining $30,000 by falsely pretending that he was in a position to obtain a passport for Levine Lammy on July 8.According to the defendant,cheap nfl jerseys online, it was his “good attributes” which made him “spend a night at the Brickdam Police Lock-ups”. Hudson said that all was not lost since he was able to minister to other inmates at the lockups.He explained that the entire episode started with him renting Lammy a car from his car rental business.Hudson told the court that Lammy rented the car for two days and returned it on time. He said that after the woman brought the car back she was complaining about not being able to acquire her “CARICOM passport”.He said that since he was former police officer he offered to help the woman who was returning to the United Kingdom.Hudson further told the court that since he “knew people” it would have been easy.He said that he and Lammy both went to the passport office which was very crowded and the woman was informed that she needed to apply for new passport.The man said that he saw an old friend who told him that the woman would have to wait for several days before she can get the passport.He said that the woman agreed and he suggested that she pay for the documents to be “FedEx” to her in London.He said that after the running around for the entire day he charged the woman $60,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale,000 and she paid him half of the amount.“She was very happy that she got through and there was no hesitation to pay me the money I asked for.”He said that he went back to the hotel where the woman was staying to receive the balance.Hudson claimed that he received a call from a police officer informing him that he was wanted at the Brickdam Police Station. He said he went there and was beaten by two senior superintendents of police.Police Prosecutor Munilall Seetaram did not oppose bail. The accused is expected to make another court appearance on July 26.

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