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–?? ? opposition should have access to NCN Radio and Television ?The Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT) is echoing calls for the total end of the radio monopoly and fair access to NCN Radio and Television, according to YCT member Jermaine Grant.This was revealed at a press conference held at Attorney at Law, James Bond Chambers at 5 Avenue of the Republic,cheap nfl jerseys online, Friday.Grant explained that YCT recognizes the intensification of ‘PPP propaganda’ and unbalanced reporting of public affairs in broadcast on NCN to the Guyanese people.YCT member Jermaine GrantAdding that their call takes into account a programme aired on NCN Television on Friday,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, January 13, hosted by NCN news room editor Michael Gordon. Grant said that the programme entertained Attorney General Anil Nandlall and member of the PPP/C,Adam Jones USA Jersey, Clinton Collymore,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, who both made threatening and vile remarks.He further explained that YCT views the comment by Mr. Collymore that “is only Black people the AFC and the APNU promoting” in relation to the elections of Mr. Ralph Trotman of the AFC and Ms Debra Backer of the APNU as Speaker and Deputy Speaker respectively of the National Assembly as distasteful.“This is despicable and would incite racial tensions. YCT considers Mr. Collymore’s utterance to be flagrantly contemptuous to all Guyanese,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, especially Guyanese of African descent…This comment was repeated on numerous occasions by Mr. Collymore and at no point in time did any of the panelists, including the NCN host, intervene and admonish Mr. Collymore to be responsible in speech. Mr. Collymore’s vicious attack is shameful at best.”Grant further noted that Collymore’s speech reinforces the high level of bias,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, callousness and politicization of NCN against opposition political parties as the ruling party continues to abuse state resources and taxpayers’ dollars for its own political ends.Further, he said that the comments made by Attorney General Anil Nandlall can be deemed ‘threats’ when he contended “that if the (PPP/C)-led Government presents the national budget for debate in parliament and the opposition does not accept it,A.J. Morris Italy Jersey, they will have no other option but to go back to the electorate.”Adding that the YCT considers Nandlall’s comment as premature, Grant said APNU has shown political wisdom to work with the government.“Mr Nandlall as an attorney should know that the journey to compromise and cooperation starts with dialogue and constructive statements not threats…YCT is very concerned that NCN once again was used as a political tool where these two individuals resorted to PPP propaganda to intoxicate the Guyanese people with vile comments and threats rather than constructive information.”
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