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Emergency works are being expedited on sea defence on the Essequibo Coast,Chris Archer USA Jersey, Region 2, tomitigate flooding, which has been affecting residents there recently.However, according to Chief Sea and River Defence Officer (ag),cheap nfl jerseys, Geoffrey Vaughn,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, necessary sea defence construction works are being affected by persons squatting on the foreshore.The Ministry has issued notices informing these squatters that they are occupying state reserves and it is against the law.Vaughn, according to a government statement yesterday, warned that the Sea Defence Act prohibits persons from occupying sea defence reserves, with stiff penalties possible.Efforts are now being made to clear the reserves in collaboration with all relevant agencies including the ministries of Housing and Water and Public Works and Communications and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils.Additionally, erosion is evident in some areas, especially in the groynes, making the coastland there more vulnerable to flooding.Vaughn noted that several eroded areas will be constructed, reconstructed and rehabilitated under the 9th European Development Fund by contractor,NFL Jerseys Supply, BK International,Daniel Descalso Italy Jersey, shortly.Already, construction works have commenced at Zorg,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, while approximately one kilometre of earthen embankment is being constructed at Good Hope.“The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority has constructed a sluice and the Ministry of Public Works and Communications has to remove the old sluice and tie back in the one that it has at Golden Fleece,” Vaughn stated.One of the areas that has recently been affected by overtopping is Cullen and the Ministry is in the process of completing a tender document for the execution of embankment works that will remove some of the negative aspects of the overtopping.Vaughn noted that throughout the year there will be remedial and rehabilitation works to ensure that structures are safe and secure.

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