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NEW AMSTERDAM,wholesale jerseys, BERBICE – As the sun set on Saturday, a large number of persons turned out to be a part of the Exhibition and Street Fair in observance of the New Amsterdam Town Week.This event was incident free with close to 50 police and neighbourhood police ranks along the Republic Road,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, Strand and Main Street.The afternoon hours saw a trickle of persons and very little booths along the Main Road between St. John and Trinity Streets. The boom-boom boxes were out in their numbers and attracted many.The purpose of the Town Week is to stimulate economic development, attract visitors, and to strengthen the relationship between the Council and the community as a whole as well as to showcase the municipality in general.Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Jennifer Conway,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, said some of the objectives were not realized and she blamed late planning which started on October 29, with too few meetings.She said that the Committee is cognizant that companies would have already used up their budgetary allocation for the fiscal year and as such financial support would have been hard.Mrs. Conway declined to comment on the reasons behind the actual short planning but said this is the first time the Town Week was held in December.Initially the Town Week was hosted during the month of the Town’s Anniversary celebration (September) then it was shifted to October/November. The dates identified at the end of October and November this year both coincided with other activities and observances including Diwali and Eid Mubarak.According to Mrs. Conway more support was needed in terms of sponsorship and the involvement of both local and out of town manufactures as well as other agencies. “What I saw were booths with food and beverages; I did not see much of craft expect for two booths with locally made items.“I did not see any local producers or so. I don’t know if any more booths were there.”She said she expected more local craft and other things to showcase the talent of New Amsterdam and Guyanese as a whole. Whatever funds garnered on Saturday from the exhibition and street fair would not have been from the small number of booths.“I didn’t see the number of booths I expected. The spots cost $3,000 or $3,500. I cannot remember how much the beverage companies would have paid but there were all the beverage companies out there.”There were other events, which started with a Spelling Bee competition on Tuesday at the New Amsterdam Town Hall; the pampering of senior citizens,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, the opening ceremony, a Gospel Fiesta, the Variety and Fashion Show and the Wash Down.Meanwhile, Kaieteur News understands that the winner of the Spelling Bee competition 11-year old Kessa Kendall of the St. Therese’s Primary School has not received the complete prize she should have.The first prize was a Notebook, a $15,000 gift certificate and a Cellink Bag while the second was a $10,Christian Yelich USA Jersey,000 gift voucher and a Cellink Bag.Both packages were donated by Cellink while the Demerara Distilleries Limited would provide a six month supply of Flutee juice for the third prize.According to sources,Chris Leroux Canada Jersey, Miss Kendall was handed an envelope with a blank sheet of paper on the opening day and not the $15,000 gift voucher as promised, she got the Cellink bag. Up to yesterday Kessa Kendall was only rewarded the Cellink bag for her performance.

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