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Super group training program 2014-09- 29 successor Zhang Fu
equipment: dumbbell - based, chest - backed back squat equipment also has.
The practical implication of the
super group is that of the antagonistic muscle.
can use this method as a breakthrough platform period, sudden increase muscle training method. At the same time, in the contraction of muscle contraction, the other muscle group has the effect of passive stretching, which makes the antagonistic effect of antagonistic core de force muscles. It has a significant effect on improving the muscle strength of both sides of the back muscles.
schedule: 4 times a week training, the peppa pig ultimate collection 20 dvd set next day.
suitable for 22 minute hard corps the crowd: more than a year of strength training foundation.
weight selection: try to use a large weight training, control between 6RM to 8RM.
tip: the following super combination, each combination includes 2 actions, the two movements alternately, after a combination of rest. Rest every 90 seconds to 3 minutes. Core strength training is not kanken backpack included in this plan.

   the core de force first day: chest back super group
combination one: the 4 groups of
1, a large weight dumbbell bench press
2, country heat beachbody the weight of the
combination two: each of the 4 groups of
1, the oblique dumbbell bench press
2, pull-up (or large weight in front of the neck down)
combination three: each of the 4 groups of
1, dumbbell birds
2,  dumbbell rowing; dumbbell bench press

sitting rope rowing

beachbody core de force oblique dumbbell bench press


dumbbell birds

dumbbell rowing

second days: front leg group and post group super group
combination one: the 6 groups of
1, barbell squat
2, barbell straight leg deadlift
combination two: each of the 4 groups of
1, leg flexion and extension
2, instrument leg curl
special combination: dumbbell squat and combination (concentric contraction training and concession Super Group) 2 group
dumbbell cize squat
preschool prep dvd 2,  barbell Shenwen

core de force[url=http://www.cartierlo

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