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The new Board of The Bishops’ High School organised yet another Staff Development Session??? for its teachers prior to the beginning of the Christmas term 2010.? Similar sessions were? also? held? by? the? Board? before? the? 2008? and? 2009? Christmas? terms.This set of teachers,cheap nfl jerseys, two years ago designed their own Mission Statement for the school —“To uphold the tradition of academic excellence and high moral values through the provision of a quality education, driven by innovative and a proactive school management,cheap nfl jerseys china, highly skilled?? and? professional? staff,? so? as? to? produce? in? a? safe? environment,? students? with leadership?? qualities who are assets to the school community, their own nation and the world at large.”A list of core values was also developed in partnership with the staff.The subject of this year’s focus was Quality Education and the roles of teachers, parents and other stakeholders. The point was emphasized that Quality Education is much more than the number of subjects passed at CSEC/CAPE examinations.It includes the teaching and practice of values, of life skills, citizenship and participation in school clubs/societies, sports activities, literary and debating groups,, Art and Drama, CARE groups, which all contribute to preparing a rounded citizen.? The need for creative and innovative child-centred teaching approaches was also stressed.Working in groups, teachers discussed the desired characteristics of the school’s ideal graduate.? Rapporteurs then made presentations to plenary. The animated discussions on these??? presentations revealed the level of understanding of the role of teachers in helping to provide a holistic education to students and their commitment to the process.The impact of teachers on the lives of students, during their school and adult life was articulated by reflections from a current student (a sixth former) Ms. Tiffany Jeffrey, and a past student, Naresh Harnanan from the class of 1994.The participants’ evaluation revealed that they benefitted greatly from the session.? They also had an opportunity to make recommendations for improvements in the contributions by various stakeholder groups.These Staff Development sessions conducted by the Board are in addition to those normally conducted by the Head Mistress and senior staff during the term.It is expected that this Staff Development session would have heightened awareness of the meaning and importance of Quality Education,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, thereby improving even further the quality of output from the school’s fifth and sixth forms.Facilitators were Ms. Glenyss James,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Programme Manager (Youth Work, Education and Training) at the Commonwealth Youth Programme; Ms. Joyce Sinclair,NFL Jerseys Supply, a Management and Training Consultant and Ms. Maureen Massiah, former Headmistress.The Board’s new Chairperson – Ms. Glenyss James – took the opportunity? to? congratulate? the Board of Governors,, Ms. Beverly Daly, acting Headmistress, and the teachers on their excellent work with the CSEC students, enabling the school to be the Best Performing School? with? a 93 per cent passing? grade? for? successful? students with Grades I to III in five or more subjects – including?? English? and? Mathematics.The Bishops’ High Old Students’Association and the School’s? Parent-Teacher Association were also complimented for the tremendous support they continue to provide to the staff and students.
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