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By Leon SuseranThe family of a New Amsterdam bar maid, 33-year- old Roxanne Brewster,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, formerly of Lot 43 Stanleytown, is disturbed with the pace of the investigations into the woman’s mysterious death. They are also convinced that the woman was murdered by the two sailors with whom she was last seen and her body then thrown into the Berbice River.Dead: Roxanne BrewsterBrewster left her place of work, Rainbow Bar, around 02:00 hrs on August 23, in the company of two sailors whose vessel, the MV Alexander, was contracted to transport cement from the Caricom Cement Plant, the old Bermine Bauxite Plant, located at Everton, East Bank Berbice.The sailors (Shane [only name given] and Eon Hubbard, allegedly told police that after “drinking” they had invited the woman to their vessel and it was while crossing the gang plank, that she fell into the river. They claimed that they spent about 15 minutes searching the river in the dark but did not locate Brewster. The captain then made a report.But the family is not buying that explanation. Some members are saying that even the police “have been bought out”.The sailors were taken in for questioning but were eventually released on $40,000 bail,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, each, and nothing new has ever turned up in the investigations which have been stalled since. This has not resonated well with the woman’s aunt,wholesale jerseys china, who has chosen to speak out.The aunt,NFL Jerseys Supply, Melanie Morris, said that Brewster knew the men. “They dropped her home a couple times, so on this night they offered to drop her home and she left the bar with them and what transpired after, I do not know”, she said.Morris told Kaieteur News that the Chief Engineer of the MV Alexander telephoned her last Monday and offered $40,000 compensation, on behalf of the sailors. He suggested that the cash can go towards Brewster’s seven- year- old son, Jaheim.She stated that she asked him if he was willing to do a legal document for the cash donation, “and he said ‘no’ and he insisted that the sailors wanted to see me. But I don’t know what are their motives and I did not encourage it [the meeting] and I told him no amount of money can bring back my niece’s life”.I said I was open for discussion but he said ‘no’. Anxious for any information the sailors might have been able to provide, she did agree to a meeting which was planned for two days later (last Wednesday). One of the sailors told her that he wants to donate $20,000 “towards the child’s life”, and the other guy wants to donate $20,000.Morris told him she would ask her pastor if he thought it was a wise idea to meet with them and she subsequently disposed of the idea of meeting them.But Morris wants closure in the matter. “I need to get closure to know what transpired; why her body was floating, because that is what I asked— money is not the case because I can afford to mind my nephew— but I want to know the truth”.“How come she ended up in this water…he [one of the sailors] is saying that the gangway swings around, and she fell over, and I asked him if she swings around and fall over,NFL Jerseys Outlet, she is afraid of water, the fright in you when fall overboard, you will drink some water but the doctor’s report said that it was a small amount of water— no water in her lungs, and she did not swell, so how come she fell overboard and did not drink water”.The post- mortem exam performed by Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan concluded that Brewster died of drowning and asphyxiation. “No! I don’t buy that explanation!” asserted. “I still feel that something ‘fishy’ went on there. Her whole face was disfigured. Can you just fall and your nose disfigured, your mouth disfigured and burst up and you get a deep wound on her face and her whole one- side face was swollen”.“I feel that if the police did a proper investigation from that said morning, something would have come out, but I am not pleased with the investigations they did”, Morris added.? Morris showed this newspaper photos of the boat’s gangway, which the sailors told cops that Brewster fell off and into the water.The photos, they (the family) said,, shows the gangway with high nets and questioned how they woman could have fallen into the river.“I shake it [the nets] to see if it was shaking and it did not shake!” They also questioned why no alarm was immediately raised on the ship immediately after she fell.The Chief Engineer, she said, whom she saw later at the police station, told her than he was informed about the incident and they made a search along with the cook that was on duty at the time.She noted that the police did not give her the opportunity to speak with the sailors or even see who they were, “they refused me when I asked”. “Nobody called me, nobody came to give me their sympathy— nobody— I don’t even know who I am dealing with or who Roxanne was dealing with”.The ship’s gangway from which Brewster had reportedly fallen into the River“And that bothers me because if my niece was involved with two men, why couldn’t I have gotten to see them to see if I ever saw them before…I was supposed to have been granted that favour and something does not fit there and I would like to know if that is the procedure of an investigation or what and they never contacted me— the police never contacted me”.Additionally, the family is disturbed that the security guard who was on duty at the wharf on that night was said to have been called by another security guard and was transferred to another location, “so no watch was out there and the boat was supposed to have a night watch and I want to know if the night watch heard when she fell overboard and heard the alarm— I would like to know the statement he gave the police, he had to know what transpired since the sailors said that she fell off the gangway”.“I feel if the police investigated those men good, they would have gotten something”, she stated.Brewster had in her jeans pocket, several keys on key rings and a cell phone. “And they could not have floated out her pockets— she wore very tight jeans— where are the keys— nothing was found!” The items were not found.Kaieteur News was informed that the case file is currently with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Georgetown. Efforts to contact the Crime Chief in Berbice proved futile.

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