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The quiet community of Bendorff, East Bank Essequibo was thrown into shock and mourning after one of their youngest resident was found floating in a canal.According to reports three-year old Kerone Wong was found floating in a canal about 08:30 hours not far from his home, Thursday morning. The discovery was made by his mother who went frantically in search of the child who had gone missing a few minutes earlier.Verna Williams, the child’s mother, explained that she was washing the dishes while the now dead child was in company of his cousin in the yard.Kerone Wong’s mother, Verna Williams clutching to one of her remaining children yesterday.After a while, she noted that the place was extremely quiet. There was no laughter or screams from the children so she thought that her child had gone upstairs into the house to sleep in the hammock as he would normally do.“When he ready to sleep he does go upstairs by heself and sleep in the hammock…but I start calling for him and he ain’t answer so I start searching,”.Fearing that something was amiss the woman said she began screaming and alerted neighbours. Williams said that she immediately called her husband,wholesale jerseys, Eon Wong,, and informed him that their son was missing.By that time the woman was joined by neighbours and a massive search started.Upon checking a nearby canal they found the child floating and he appeared to be dead.? The child was pulled from the canal and rushed to the Parika Health Centre where he was pronounced dead on arrival.The child’s father, Eon Wong,, said,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, “When I reach home I see me son and I pick he up. I say ‘Kerone,, you really dead?”The man said that he was advised to take his son to the Parika Health Centre where he was pronounced dead on arrival.Yesterday at the home,cheap nfl jerseys online, the father stood on the bridge crying as he reflected on the way his son would greet him each afternoon when he returned from work.“Every afternoon he does run out to the bridge and say daddy you come home…he does be the only one running out to me and now he gone.” The parents speculated that the child went to the trench to play and accidentally fell in.Kerone was the second of three children for his parents. The post mortem has since been performed on the toddler’s remains and revealed that he died as a result of drowning. Burial will be done later today.In June of this year nine-year-old Melissa Torres and five-year-old Miron Torres of Parika Backdam, perished after they went swimming in a nearby canal without the knowledge and approval of their parents.The children were both pupils of the primary school there. The two went missing during the day, and about 19:00hrs in the evening, their parents’ worst fears were confirmed when their bodies surfaced in the canal.

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