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Auditor General Deodat Sharma, yesterday handed over his report on the Public Accounts of Guyana and on the accounts of Ministries, Departments and Regions for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012 to House Speaker,wholesale jerseys, Raphael Trotman.The handing over ceremony was done at Parliament Buildings.Sharma declined to reveal the content of the report. However, he provided a synopsis of the affairs of his office.The Auditor General made known that the Audit Office’s accounts have been audited up to 2012 by a private chartered accountant. He added that the staff of the Audit Office has increased from 131 in 2005 to 212 in 2013. This,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, Sharma said, represents a vacancy rate of seven per cent.Auditor General,cheap nfl jerseys china, Deodat Sharma (right) hands his report to Speaker of the National Assembly,cheap nfl jerseys, Raphael TrotmanOn the developmental aspect,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Sharma acknowledged the US$300,000 donation from the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) for increasing the Audit Office’s technical capacity.According to Sharma, that money helped to: purchase computer hardware and software and assisted in training through online courses in Forensic and Fraud investigation from Algonquin College of Canada.Also, Sharma noted that the money has also facilitated a consultant “who is helping us in auditing controls. The Auditor General said that a consultant will also be appointed to assist in enhancing Human Resource Development.The Audit report will be laid in the National Assembly by the Speaker who will pass it to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to be examined.Sharma said,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, yesterday, that the Accounting Officers are required to appear before the PAC to answer the queries raised.He noted that those sittings will be open to the public. “You could come and hear if your tax dollar has been spent wisely. That is why I say sometimes that the Auditor General is a taxpayer’s best friend.”

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