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– commits to continued support“I am totally impressed,” said Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton, of the Courbane Park,cheap nfl jerseys, Annandale, East Coast Demerara, Doobay Medical Centre following a tour of the facility yesterday.Public Health Minister,, Dr. George Norton (at centre), in discussion with officials of the Doobay Medical Centre yesterday. Standing third from left is Permanent Secretary, Mr. Leslie Cadogan.The facility, which houses the Doobay Renal Centre, is currently on course to becoming a facility that offers a wide range of specialised health care services at an affordable cost to the public.While the ongoing infrastructural work has been deemed as “excellent” by Minister Norton, he pointed out that the high quality of service that Guyanese patients can access is rather heartening.He, in sharing his views of the facility, took into consideration the fact that a number of Guyanese, who could have easily forsaken Guyana and taken their expertise elsewhere, are currently supporting the evolution of the not-for-profit entity. The Minister therefore expressed optimism that other like-minded individuals would emulate such undertakings.According to Dr. Norton while the facility is one situated on the East of Demerara,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, it is currently capable of serving patients with renal failure from across the country. “While they might not have too many persons from the Hinterland locations, at least (I am of the belief) that if they need it and can get here the service will be available to them too,” mentioned the HealthPublic Health Minister, Dr. George Norton chats briefly with renal failure patients during their dialysis sessions yesterday.Minister.He was satisfied enough with the existing work of the Medical Centre that he recommitted yesterday to continuing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the facility which was made with the previous administration.“I will never stand in the way of development…I will certainly support whatever changes are needed to be made to that MOU to improve the status of this institution,” said the Minister. He was however not in a position yesterday to comment on any further support likely to be offered to the facility.As part of the MOU,cheap nfl jerseys online, patients are able to benefit from financial support from Government, through the Ministry of Health,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, to benefit from the dialysis offered at the Medical Centre.According to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the facility, Mr. Mohamad Ali,NFL Jerseys Outlet, who led the tour yesterday,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, within another 18 months the facility will be transformed into a State of the Art specialised medical centre.He disclosed that currently the expansion works are in the first phase and have a specific focus on improving the dialysis service being offered.? The intent, he related, is to build capacity to offer dialysis to an increased number of patients that is, moving from dialysing 20 patients at a time to 40.As part of the project too will be the inclusion of the capacity to offer renal surgery, said Ali, who spoke of plans for the construction of at least two operating theatres and an intensive care unit. He also intimated plans for a Cardio/Stroke Centre and additional capacity for Paediatric care and general surgery for the facility that is expected to accommodate a 25-bed ward to aid patients’ recovery.“We will have x-rays, MRI, CAT scans…so we will have this specialised centre and (cater to) specific areas of needs opened to the general public. We are catering to the public who can’t afford top quality health care (and) that is one thing this centre will provide to them,” asserted Ali.According to him, though a colossal task, the evolution of the Medical Centre is being made possible with support from individuals and a number of local and international donor agencies.The tour of the facility yesterday was also graced by Permanent Secretary of the Public Health Ministry, Mr. Leslie Cadogan, and saw the presence of Chairperson of the Medical Centre, Ms. Ameena Gafoor; Board Members: Mohamed Najab and Chetram Persaud along with Head Nurse, Olive Sinclair.
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