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On September 30 last, Rondell Albert was robbed at his place of business of a large quantity of merchandise valued at $16m.Albert reported the incident to the Brickdam Police Station and soon after the perpetrator was caught.He was later identified as the proprietor of Movie Town Video Club, Roby Singh.But before he was apprehended by police ranks, Singh managed to sell a $1 million projector which he had reportedly stolen from Albert. The buyer was said to be Vickram Persaud.Persaud was subsequently charged with receiving stolen property knowing that it was stolen. The two were scheduled a date to appear in court.Both appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to the related charges.Ronald Burch-Smith, appearing for Roby Singh,http://www.footlockershop.us.com/Gel-hyper-33/, stated that his client is 28,wholesale jerseys china, and resides at lot 36 South Road,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, Georgetown.He stated that his client should be granted bail owing that he has no antecedents with the law and have been cooperating with the police. However,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, police prosecutor Krishnadat Ramana stated that the accused shouldn’t be granted bail due to seriousness of the crime.Ramana noted the accused on the said day,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, entered the virtual complainant’s place of business with a gun and robbed him. The prosecutor also stated that the accused tied the virtual complainant’s hands and feet with a rope and gathered the items before making his escape. “It is notable, that the accused may not return to court if granted bail,” the prosecutor said.“All the items are lodged at the Brickdam police station and I would like these two to get sentence so I could retrieved my property, since I’m scheduled to leave the country in two weeks” the virtual complainant told the court.Upon hearing this, Burch-Smith declared that the matter should be dismissed since the virtual complainant is scheduled to leave the country and may not be permitted to attend court on further dates.In relation to the receiving stolen property charge, Burch-Smith while speaking on behalf of Singh said his client didn’t sell the projector to Persaud. Moreover, Persaud stole the projector while it was kept at the Movie Town Video Club, property of my client.Persaud however,cheap nfl jerseys china, maintained that Singh sold him the projector. He also claimed that he didn’t know it was stolen property.After hearing the disclosures, the magistrate remanded Roby Singh to prison and scheduled him to make another court appearance on October 28. Persaud was placed on $200,000 bail and scheduled to return on October 28 also.

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