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… one held with firearm,, cash in crotchTwo brazen bandits attacked Lahago’s Super Centre of 11 Public Road, Montrose,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, East Coast Demerara, and snatched an undisclosed sum of money, cellular phones, and phone cards. The two then fled on foot. All this happened about 13:00 hrs yesterday and the security cameras recorded the entire ordealOne of the bandits was armed with a handgun but no one was injured in the robbery. Both were dressed in dark blue tops and pants.The Supermarket that was attacked by bandits yesterday.However, last evening one of them was cornered and captured by ranks of the Community Policing Group, citizens and police ranks. He was caught hiding in the bushes at the Montrose sea wall. At the time he had a .32 handgun and four matching rounds.He had wet currency notes in his crotch. He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) in handcuffs all muddied reflecting the locale in which he was captured.Asked to explain the money in his possession,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, the first bandit said that he was a contractor hence the $50,cheap nfl jerseys,000 in his crotch. He could not explain how he could be performing his contracting exploits on the foreshore with no tools at the time of his arrest. He also could not explain the gun.Last night he was being held at the Sparendaam Police Station lock-ups. His colleague was being held at the Beterverwagting Police Station lock-ups.According to Assistant Commissioner of ‘C’ Division,wholesale jerseys china, Gavin Primo, his ranks should be commended for their restraint,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, since the first bandit pulled a gun on the police rank who promptly disarmed him.And a few hours later, the Lusignan Central Community Policing Group captured the second bandit, this time at La Bonne Intention on the foreshore. Both he and the previously captured bandit are from Lower East Coast Demerara.According to Anupya Baburam, daughter of the proprietor, she and another sales girl were about to go to lunch when two customers came in. One of them purchased a one-litre drink. “I told the other girl to go behind him and get the drink.She said that the other person came under the guise of being a customer.? “He came in and ask for drink. After he got the drink,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, both of them walk out.The other guy that was short give another guy the drink that was waiting outside. He then turn back and pull out a gun and tell me give he all the money I have.”Ms Baburam explained that she had no money and the robber told her and the other sales girl to go around to the cashier booth and hand over the money.“The Amerindian boy was there and he chuck the boy and grab me by my shirt and chuck me at the back and told me take out all the money from the drawer. Then he just open the drawer and take out all the money and my two phones that were on the table, he then forced us at the side, then he ran out.”The frustrated woman said when the bandit was leaving a sales truck was entering, “but when I holler thief he jumped in his truck and drive away.”Adding that after the men fled on foot, Ms Baburam said she and the sales assistant ran out onto the road and shouted, “Thief! Thief.” She said that they went to the middle of the road to stop vehicles and nobody stopped. “The men ran through the street opposite Starlite Drive-in and run up on the seawall.”She however lamented that while on the road she tried stopping a passing police car. “I ran out and holler ‘police, police’ stop! Thief ! Thief.’ The police just keep driving and my staff went running after him.”Last evening, the community was full of praise for the Montrose Community Police Group that was with the police round the clock until the capture of the two criminals.
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