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By Lance HindsThe recent reports in the media highlighting the latest challenges in the sugar industry, the potentialLance Hindsproblems with rice, and drop in gold prices, are all a grim reminder that despite all the sentiment, these primary sectors can no longer continue to be the primary drivers of our economy in their current scope and framework.? It is the technology-driven, knowledge management industries that will have to be cornerstone of this country’s future.The development of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a productive sector has been slow. The high cost of supporting infrastructure, absence of enabling legislation, and limited skill sets,http://www.footlockershop.us.com/Nike-roshe-one-bt/, has been a significant contributor to this state of affairs.? In general,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, the growth of ICT in Guyana has been a very mixed bag. It has meandered, it has had its fits and starts, it has had some individual achievements, but by and large 2015 still finds us way behind our Caribbean colleagues in terms of scope,Danny DeKeyser Red Wings Jersey, function and overall contribution to national development.Despite this, there have been some encouraging signs. There has been some growth in the call centre line of business. The industry has now created close to 5,000 jobs. It should be noted, however, that 2008 it was projected that, based on a then 40% rate of growth, by 2013 there would be over 6,000 jobs generated in this market.Skill sets in ICT are improving. The University of Guyana’s Department of Computer Science is producing far better graduates than it did in past years. It has been exciting to watch their progress. I have said this publicly many times before and will say it again. Those lecturers do not have to be there; there are greener pastures. The fact that they are still here doing what they do to develop future information technology professionals is testimony to a level of dedication and commitment that should always be recognized and appreciated.There can be no doubt that the development of the ICT sector can transform life in Guyana in so many ways. We continuously read and see how this sector has become the engine for global social and economic growth.? In the Caribbean region, the past two decades has been a period which has seen the introduction and spread in use of mobile phones, personal computers and the Internet, dramatic expansion in the number and range of telecommunications and broadcast media providers,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, and growth of applications of ICTs in businesses, schools and households.The appropriate utilization of ICT can improve the lives of all Guyanese and must therefore be the fundamental cross-cutting component in the overall national vision to attain developed country status in the coming years. This will involve the growth of ICT as a sector and its application in all other sectors to achieve rapid and sustained development.? We will need to grow and nurture the industry with policy and legislative frameworks.? Traditional ways of incorporating technology, such as importing machinery and equipment or direct foreign investment, are not enough to confront the challenges of inclusive economic development.It is critical that all stakeholders collaborate to build a national ICT roadmap.? This must be an action-oriented portfolio of initiatives,http://www.footlockershop.us.com/Mid/, formulated over distinct time horizons for our long-term objectives, medium-term objectives and short-term priorities.These initiatives should be situated into four major areas: strategy, policy and legislation; infrastructure development; ICT-enabled public sector modernisation; and ICT sector capacity-building.The overall strategic objective must be the development of an environment that will consistently enable the creation and sustainability of ICT-related businesses. The initiatives must develop the processes involved in building capacity for the sector: creating policies and programmes that will stimulate new business opportunities, innovation and entrepreneurship in the local ICT sector.We need to enable and foster the process of innovation: getting high school and university graduates to tap into their creativity and to channel that into creating businesses. One of the problems Guyana faces now is youth unemployment, but there are lots of young people with great ideas who are unable to convert those into sustainable income-generating operations. The competitive advantage of an economy is increasingly dependent on innovative ideas and servicesThere are some critical things we need to address, and soon. There has to be telecommunications liberalization. We will be unable to be competitive otherwise.? The rates in Guyana for enterprise level/high-end connectivity continue to be among the highest in the Caribbean.? That is impossible to work with. It is only competition that will address that state of affairs.Comprehensive intellectual property is fundamental, critical for the development of a successful knowledge economy. It is difficult to provide the higher level of ICT services otherwise. Some companies have already suffered from this. Guyana cannot position itself as a credible offshore provider of ICT and other knowledge-related services, unless our prospective clients are comfortable that their intellectual assets are protected.We live in an age when time, distance or location is no longer relevant. Guyana had better adapt or we are going be left even further behind. In years past, we spoke about Guyana having the potential to be the breadbasket of the Caribbean. We are now using similar language about Guyana, as, because of its English language, similar time zones to potential clients, and willing workforce,cheap nfl jerseys, it has the potential to be an information technology hub in the Caribbean. The time for talking is now over.? This is the shape of things that must come.Lance Hinds is the President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is also the Chief Executive of the BrainStreet Group, an Information Technology and Content Development Company.

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