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When de government got a project it does advertise,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, but of late dem boys don’t see any advertisement. Dem does only hear that somebody win de award.Wid de hydroclave dem only know ‘bout de thing when it come. When dem ask bout advertisement,Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey, Keith de Borrower tell dem that dem didn’t advertise in Guyana because Guyana don’t mek dem machine.Well dem boys want to know why dem does advertise fuh drugs in Guyana. We don’t mek dem in this country. And dem boys also want know why we does advertise fuh people wid skills. We stop making dem in this country. Is only when de police advertise fuh a wanted man that dem boys know wha we really mekking.Dem boys seh that Keith better watch heself. De Maker already put he hand pun he because he don’t like evil. All who do bad things does suffer.? Brazzy and Irfaat got fuh watch demself too. De Irfaat done pass Brazzy in size and is only one place he heading. And wid size it hard fuh people fetch. People know wha dem boys mean.Some of dem worried because dem know that de Good Book talk ‘bout beating people wid many stripes fuh not doing the right thing. That is why Brazzy want run out de country. He deh under nuff pressure fuh lef,NFL Jerseys Outlet, because people in he own house telling he that he should pack up.He sell land to a coffee shop from India. Dem boys expect Guyana fuh become a big coffee producer. De company shipping out wood. Dem boys want know since when people does mek coffee from wood. Well if that is a coffee shop dem don’t want see de timber shop. That was another thing that dem didn’t advertise.De thing that bother dem boys is that decent people get so fed up that dem now telling dem boys fuh “lef dem people”. When things meet that stage is time fuh dem other decent people fuh get worried. It mean that dem don’t understand how dangerous de thiefing is; how dangerous corruption is fuh de country. Dem position frightening.Talk half and worry ‘bout de rest.

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