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Katie Spotz is on the homestretch of her attempt to become the youngest person to solo row across the Atlantic Ocean.One of the self portraits Katie Spotz took during her 2,500-mile transatlantic row. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times, yesterday,Chris Chelios Red Wings Jersey, Spotz may reach her destination in Guyana this weekend,NFL Jerseys Outlet, having changed course from Cayenne, French Guiana.However, there were reports late yesterday that she had landed on the Berbice shore.While adding approximately 400 miles to her journey and extending it by an estimated five to seven days,Gregor Blanco Jersey, this route offered a better chance to reach land unassisted.It seems, however, as if the last leg is proving the most challenging, according to Spotz’s latest post on her blog.On nearing the coast of South America, things changed very quickly.“Although it wasn’t a storm,Danny DeKeyser Red Wings Jersey, there were several forces in opposition: strong winds and a strong current making for some powerful waves as I reached the continental shelf. The understanding between me and the ocean changed too. Waves seemed to spike up unexpectedly with great force. Every moment outside was spent harnessed to the boat and I frequently questioned whether it would capsize. Everything inside the boat was tied down nicely, including myself by strapping myself in when sleeping. All “capsize ready.”According to Spotz, her one-day mileage speed has nearly tripled from average, an example of the strength of the forces of nature pushing her boat.At 56W,cheap nfl jerseys china, the current has slowed, “although landing seems to be one of the biggest dangers and difficulties. But there’s only one way to find out,wholesale jerseys, so let the rowing continue.”Spotz has also surpassed her recently-upped fundraising target of $60,000 (it was originally $50,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online,000) for the Blue Planet Run Foundation, a charitable organisation that funds safe-drinking water projects around the world, reaching $61,713.30 as of today.
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