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By Rehanna Ramsay Tramangra Williams, called “Queenie,” a mother of two from “D” Field Sophia received an eighteen years jail sentence at the hands of Georgetown Supreme Court, Judge Navindra Singh yesterday.Tramangra Williams called “Queenie”Williams, 27, was on trial for the unlawful killing of her Barbadian boyfriend, Tyrone Mc Donald Best.The accused had reportedly stabbed Best on December 27, 2008. He succumbed to his injuries days later. Williams was originally charged with murder.However, after much deliberation? by the jury, the accused was found guilty of the lesser count of manslaughter.The mixed jury retired around noon, yesterday,http://www.footlockershop.us.com/New-release-jordans/, and returned to the courtroom almost three hours later for further directions on the distinction between the offence murder and that of manslaughter.Approximately half an hour had elapsed before the panel returned with the verdict. They found the accused not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter.Upon hearing the verdict, relatives and friends of the accused, burst into tears. Attorney- at- law Peter Hugh, who represented Williams, made a plea of mitigation on her behalf.“Your honour I must ask for leniency given particular circumstances of this case. My client is a mother of two, aged seven and nine; she has no previous convictions or pending matters.“My client is in custody for almost eight years already …and it is an indictment against the State that her trial would have dragged on for five whole years. My client is clearly remorseful,cheap nfl jerseys china,” Hugh said of Williams, who was in tears at this point.She had told the court that she was sorry for what happened.“It was never my intention,” she said.Justice Singh informed the accused that 12 years will be deducted from her sentence in light of evidence of provocation and remorse. The sentence initially stood at thirty years.Williams had told the investigators that her Barbadian lover had been stabbed in his abdomen by two robbers.However when called upon to lead her defense last Tuesday, an emotional Williams told the court that she did not intend to harm her boyfriend but that he ran into the knife during a confrontation.“There’s no way on earth I would stab Tyrone. I wanted him to back down that’s why I used the knife in my hand,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online,” Williams said after she elected to give an unsworn statement to the court.The woman recounted to the court the abuse she had sustained at the hands of the victim. She said that Best had accused her of having an affair with another man the night before the murder.“Tyrone was annoyed and he grabbed me and put some sound slaps on my head. By de time I catch myself my dress was way above my waist.“He start to beat, slap, punch and kick me. I was his punching bag,” Williams said on Tuesday.Williams explained that the following day she and Best had engaged in a heated argument,Arizona Diamondbacks Gregor Blanco Jersey, during which she picked up a knife.“Yes I did have the knife in my hand,Jorge De La Rosa Jersey, but the knife was to ward him off. I hoped that when he saw the knife he would just let me be …But when Tyrone saw the knife he bolted ….he ran into the knife.”She said that she took the injured man to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment.Williams said that she had told police at the Hospital the story that Best had instructed her to tell them; that he was stabbed during a robbery.“He tell me that two men tackled him and take away $20,000 before stabbing him …that they wore dark shirts and one of them had a cap over his face.”However,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, Williams claimed that she loved Best too much not to give his family closure. She decided to tell the police the truth.

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