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-First Lady urges New Amsterdam women prisonersFirst Lady,wholesale jerseys china, Mrs. Sandra Granger, visited the New Amsterdam Prison where she urged female inmates to see the experience of incarceration as an opportunity to become better and stronger individuals.A section of the New Amsterdam Prison.Speaking to the women,, following a tour of the facility, Mrs. Granger said,cheap nfl jerseys china, “When we learn from our experiences and we start to look at ourselves we can become stronger and we can see where we need to go…“It is an experience that you have gone through and I hope that it is something that will help to make you stronger as you go back out into society.”She also called on prison officials and non-governmental organisations that work to rehabilitate inmates,wholesale jerseys, to ensure that a wider range of skills training is offered to the women such as carpentry and masonry,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, so that upon completion of their sentences, they will be able to earn a living.The First Lady also promised that she will try to assist in areas that they require help, because while they may be incarcerated, their lives have value and they are still capable of making positive contributions to society.“You still are individuals… you might be [here] right now but some of you will be leaving shortly and you should be able to go back to your communities with your heads held high,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China,” Mrs. Granger said.

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