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Businessman Ricardo Ignatius Rodrigues called ‘Fat Man’ spent last night in police custody after turning himself in yesterday, accompanied by his lawyer, mere hours after a wanted bulletin was issued for him.Ricardo RodriguesRodrigues,wholesale jerseys china, who along with his cousin Clive King called ‘Bora’, is fingered in the recent arms and ammunition bust at Lethem, turned himself in around 09:30 hours . His attorneys believe that the police do not have enough evidence to link Rodrigues to the Lethem arms find.After handing him over to the police,jerseys nfl wholesale, Rodrigues’ attorneys immediately moved to the High Court with a habeas corpus writ,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, which was heard by Chief Justice Ian Chang at 10:30 hours.The Chief Justice granted a temporary order for the police to show cause why they should not release Rodrigues.The Attorney General,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, representing the police (state),, told the court that the police have evidence which they will be presenting to justify keeping Rodrigues in custody. He asked the court to give the police up to 11:00 hours today to provide an update on the evidence they have.According to attorney at law Glenn Hanoman, Rodrigues has already been questioned by two sets of detectives; those from the E & F Division and another group from the intelligence department.He is of the view that the police are abusing the 72 hours detention privilege.“This is about the tenth time that Rodrigues has been arrested and held in the lock-ups and he has never been convicted or charged by the police,,” Hanoman told this newspaper.

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