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In what some people may describe as a ‘freak accident’, 45-year-old, Trevor Preston Chance,NFL Jerseys Outlet, a father of five, was “accidently” shot on his right shoulder on the morning of December 4, 2009.Preston Chance displaying his injured shoulder.Chance was an Armed Security Driver attached to the Federal Management Services when a single shot from a 12-gauge shotgun in the hands of a colleague, changed his life forever.Since the incident, which has left him unable to carry out tasks that any “normal” person would,cheap nfl jerseys china, his wife, Vanessa Chance, had to take up the mantle as “breadwinner”.Chance recounted that, as usual, he and his Supervisor arrived at CARICOM Secretariat, at 6:00 am to exchange weapons from the night security guard.He recalled that he stopped the vehicle, collected the weapon log book and as he was about to pull-off, he heard one of his colleagues on duty at the Secretariat hailing out for him to stop the vehicle.He said that he subsequently stopped and allowed the colleague to enter the vehicle before continuing to proceed?behind the building where the colleague was assigned and the exchange of weapons was expected to take place.“I stopped the vehicle and I went to a standpipe for some water to drink. I wanted to fill my bottle so I went to take it from the front of the vehicle and I see the man (his colleague) with the weapon so just lean in to collect the bottle and the? gun went off,jerseys nfl wholesale,” Chance said.Since then he has undergone four surgeries, three at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and one done privately. Chance is now without a “ball and socket” shoulder joint.He stated that his colleague was taken in for questioning but later released and fired from the job.In a back and forth between himself and the Company – maintaining that he was shot on the job and that he was entitled to compensation – the matter was taken before the courts,Brett Hull Red Wings Jersey, which ruled in the favour of the Company.Vanessa told this publication that he was not satisfied with the way the case was handled in court and the “push around” they have been getting since.“We go all over,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, the Ministry of Labour,, everywhere. And nobody is helping us out. We are not getting justice anywhere we go…We hope that the President can help us…We use to get assistance from the church but they stopped,” the teary-eyed woman explained.The duo is hoping to appeal the case however, they have no money to do so and are therefore asking for persons to assist in any way they can.“I have an old bus that I does move around with, but the bus so old, the police give me up to this month to take it off the road,” Chance said.

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