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The father of an accident victim believes that there might be some cover-up in the investigation into a two-vehicle crash in which his son Levi Seecharan lost his life.John Seecharan is convinced that the police are dragging their feet in relation to charges against the driver of the Canter truck that collided with the car his son was driving on the Versailles Public Road on July 7.The truck driver,? Mohamed Khan, was slapped with breach of insurance and unlicenced driver charges and was freed after paying a minimal fine. John Seecharan John Seecharan is of the opinion that the accused should also be charged with causing death by dangerous driving.Since the accident, Seecharan, who traveled all the way from the Northwest District has been exploring all avenues seeking justice in the matter.Police sources told this newspaper that their investigations have revealed that the driver of the Canter truck did not cause the accident,jerseys nfl wholesale, hence no causing death charges.Seecharan said that after arriving from the northwest, he visited the scene of the accident where he observed a skid mark on the side of the road that his son was reportedly driving.He also observed that the left side of his son’s car was damaged while the right side of the Canter truck was smashed in.“So there is a question mark in my mind in relation to how this accident occurred,” Seecharan told this newspaper.The police have indicated that there was no actual eyewitness to the accident,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, although there were reportedly two persons in the Canter truck.“The driver of the Canter had his worker with him and it was the worker who told the police that he was not driving when the accident occurred. Here you have a man who was prepared to speak the truth,, so why the police don’t work with the man? Not only to get the truth about who was the driver but how the accident occurred,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,” Secharran told this newspaper.He said he doubted if the police took a statement from the other person in the canter truck.Secharran said that he was given a scenario of how the accident occurred and is convinced that his son was not the errant driver.“At his court hearing, the magistrate indicated that he was convinced that the accused was indeed the driver of the truck when the accident occurred,” Seecharran stated.According to Seecharran, the police had indicated at the trial that the matter is with the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice.“I went to the Traffic Officer at Leonora and expressed my dissatisfaction with the way the investigation was going. He picked up his phone and called the investigating rank at Vreed-en-Hoop. The rank told him (Traffic Officer) that they are awaiting the report of the post mortem to prepare the file to send it to the DPP,” Seecharran explained.He said that somebody is not being truthful.He alleged that the police had visited the scene of the accident with some of his relatives and instead of carrying out the measurements in their presence, they waited until they had left to do so,Jorge De La Rosa Jersey, giving rise to some of his suspicions.According to Seecharran,Curtis Joseph Red Wings Jersey, on different occasions, the police had given different versions of what may have transpired.“On to now,wholesale jerseys, every time I go to Leonora police station I always receive a set of flimsy excuses,” Seecharran said.Seecharan has since contacted an attorney who is acting in his interest in the matter.
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